Beginners courses Introducing the basics of breathing, movement and posture. Highly recommended for those new to yoga or need a refresher on a previous practice.

Open Level
All levels of practitioner - from experienced beginner to the more advanced student.
Variations of asana (positions) will be offered for the different levels so students can choose to work at an appropriate & comfortable level for their body.
Beginners with some experience are welcome - please note the practice pace will be more challenging & powerful than Level 1. Complete beginners are encouraged to do the 6 Week Beginners Introduction Course before or alongside attending this class if possible. An ideal ‘next step’ class after completing the 6 Week Beginners Introduction Course who would like the more dynamic vinyasa style and are comfortable in a class where different levels of practitioners are catered for and options are offered to work
at a suitable level in your practice.

Level 1
Working more slowly with many basic yoga poses to establish proper alignment, correct breathing and use of props. An excellent level for Beginners, those working with injuries, as well as more seasoned practitioners.
An ideal ‘next step’ class after completing the 6 Week Beginners Introduction To Yoga Course especially for those who want to work slowly than a Open Level class.

Level 2
Building on the foundation of proper alignment & correct breathing, paying attention to developing strength, stamina, flexibility and alignment. These classes start to introduce more challenging asanas, sun salutation variations, and inversions and backbends.
Recommend for people once they have done the Beginners Course and/ or have already have some yoga experience. Not suitable for the beginners.

Everyone is unique and likes a certain style & teacher. We have plenty on offer!
Therefore come & explore your yoga by trying some classes and finding what resonates for YOU.