Michelle Carter

Yoga didn’t really knock on Michelle’s door until 2011. She was traveling in New Zealand and finding her body becoming stiffer and stiffer, she sought out a class. She started to discover that yoga was not just about flexibility but the connection between mind, body & spirit that comes with an awareness of breath. She found a place on her mat where she could push herself and discover more about herself than she had in 30yrs! Yoga started to change her life and her depressive tendencies started coming to the surface less and less. Her passion led her to India to spend time over the next few years doing teacher training and study. She is still first and foremost a yoga student and continues to learn through regular workshops and trainings. She teaches both dynamic styles of yoga and yin, influenced by her own practice and studies in India. She aims for students to develop introspection, an understanding of their own bodies needs and to accept themselves as they are in each class.