A dynamic & more powerful style of practicing asana (postures), linking breath to movement in a meditative flow to build heat, endurance, flexibility, strength and concentration, and whilst bringing about a sense of mental calmness & quiet. Authentic and contemporary, it has its roots in traditional Hatha Yoga & the Ashtanga ‘Vinyasa’ Yoga system, using different themed sequences designed to incorporate a variety of asana built around sun salutations, transitions from pose to pose & sustaining poses for a certain amount of breaths. Paying equal attention to correct breathing & refining alignment in both held poses and the transitions.

A less dynamic class than the Vinyasa based style. Practicing traditional asana with some sun salutations, deep breathing, mindfulness, and listening to the body. This is good class for beginners as well as the more seasoned yogi to revisit the basics and enjoy working on skilful & optimal alignment in foundational asana(i.e sun salutations, standing poses plus seated, twists, backbends & reclined poses), This class will stretch & strengthen the entire body - helping with flexibility, strength, balance, concentration, and breath control. 
Ashtanga Yoga - A 60/ 75 minute Ashtanga class which flows through a modified shortened version of the 90+ minute primary series. This is a great progressive practice and sequence to learn, gaining familiarity with the sequence to build greater strength & flexibility & deepen your experience of the meditative aspects. Ashtanga is a powerful form of yoga involves a series of set postures practised in sequence (vinyasa). This is the classical form of ‘Vinyasa’ - breath & body syncronised movement helping to strengthen, detoxify & calm body & mind. Its an ancient system discovered by the late Sri T. Krishnamacharya and his student Pattabhi Jois in the 1930’s with 6 sequences in all. The first is known as the Primary Series which is offered in these classes. Practiced at a steady pace – it can take 90 + minutes to complete – therefore the sequence will be modified to fit in to the time slots. All classes are Open Level - Students will be offered options to modify or work towards deeper variations.
There are 2 classes per week
Download Ashtanga Primary Series Chart

As above, but in a more heated environment to help stoke the body's inner fire to create a purifying heat from the inside out, producing more sweat, eliminating toxins in the system and enhancing the detoxifying benefits of this practice.

A dynamic class based on the Traditional Ashtanga Primary Series described above with some other poses combined & mixed in for deepening hip opening, core strength, shoulder work, balancing. A strong but accessible class - Suitable for all levels of students who want to work with the elements of Ashtanga but also explore other poses outside of the sequence to further lengthen & strengthen the body, improve focus, concentration and stamina, and discover the mediative aspects of the practice.

Following the blueprint Ashtanga Primary series sequence in a shortened version - the class will teach the fundamentals of this dynamic practice covering Sun Salutations, a selection of standing &seated poses, Backbends, Inversions along with some finishing poses in a way which is accessible for all students.

Restorative yoga is a gentle practice in which the body is supported with props and held for extended periods of time to gently stretch, relax and open the body. It helps to adjust the over stimulated nervous system, rest fatigued adrenal glands, and release physical & mental stress. Promotes a deep sense of rest & relaxation in the mind and body. A soothing and regenerating practice, this can help you slow down from the demanding fast pace of life and is the perfect antidote to stress & tension

Yin Yoga is a healing practice of long-held poses where muscles completely relax & surrender to allow us to access the deeper layers of the body. It works on releasing constrictions in the connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons that support the joints.. It also stimulates & opens the energy meridians of the subtle body, this stimulation creates a balanced flow of chi that supports the body's vibrancy and physiology as well as promotes mental and emotional balance & well-being. Often described as a "needleless acupuncture session" for the body!
A 75-minute yoga class once a month for more experienced yoga students - Heather will hold the space for you to move your practice forwards by exploring a wider range of yoga postures and techniques. A steady mindful paced Vinyasa class with more chance to look at other poses, deeper variations of poses & transitions. Expect to sweat, laugh, be inspired and challenged as you move, breathe, focus throughout the whole practice.
This class is followed by the monthly Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra (Bathing In Stillness) session giving you the opportunity to combine Dynamic & Passive styles of yoga and a deep-guided relaxation for a super restful & rejuvenating Sunday night sleep!
Next Date - Sunday 13th August 2017 - 4.30-5.45pm
A perfect pre or post race/ training yoga session for runners and cyclists of all abilities to help add spring & extra miles in your stride/ride. Designed to supplement and complement anyone from casual runner/ cyclist to a fulltime competitor. Discover how yoga can assist & support in fine tuning your body so you can get the best out of your running/ cycling and help you become the best athlete you can be.
Yoga can promote a speedier recovery, prevent injuries and enhance performance time by increasing your body's stability, strength, mobility and flexibility, improving efficiency of breathing, building greater body awareness & mental focus & calm, and bringing about balance to your whole self.
Open to all - no previous yoga experience required. Tight hips & legs very welcome!


Yoga class for young people from 12 -16 years. Come along and learn about why yoga is the cool thing to do - helping to reduce stress, boost confidence & self esteem and gain strength & flexibility. We’ll move through a fun, flowing sequences to warm up the body, followed by longer-held yoga postures with breath work, relaxation techniques and short meditations. This yoga class is for teenage girls and is the perfect pause in the busyness of school, friends, exams & studying.

These yoga classes for specially designed for Children are a great way for kid’s to increase co-ordination, self-awareness, confidence and self esteem while they stretch and strengthen their bodies. Using Yoga techniques, they will learn fun ways to relax, concentrate and be gentle in a playful and creative environment.

A new weekly Run & Yoga session to give you the opportunity to experience the balance of the strength & power of getting out on a run in the summer evenings paired with getting on the mat for your yoga post run stretch. The sessions will vary week by week consisting of Joe/ & Heather taking you through a short yoga warm up then on to an estimated 3km run, followed by a change of pace as Heather guides you through a longer yoga sequence post run. The timings of each part of the session may vary depending on the focus of the day with the possibility of the group being split into 2 giving participants the option to go for a slightly longer run (depending on the number of attendees per session). . Open to all including those new to running/ yoga to more seasoned yogi’s and weathered runners(!) who want a rest day run and/ or wish to combine the delights of running & yoga.
Class pass valid/ £8.50 drop in. Booking required. Tuesday’s at 6.30pm - 7.45pm.
Tuesday morning community class is an open class where you can pay as you feel,  We are committed to 'holding space' for everyone in our community to explore & develop their yoga practice. This is a general yoga class accessible & suitable for all ages levels of physicality and yoga experience you may or may not have. Taught by our newly qualified teacher to help them gain experience & grow - they'll guide you through a a session of yoga poses & breathing to get you moving, stretching, breathing, balancing, and feeling strong & open, and relaxed with a greater ability to cope with stress. Suggested donation: £4

Everyone is unique and likes a certain style & teacher. We have plenty on offer!
Therefore come & explore your yoga by trying some classes and finding what resonates for YOU.