March 19, 2020

Online Heather Yoga Shala

Stay well, strong & balanced


Live classes start tomorrow Friday 20th March as we open up the Heather Yoga Online Shala 🙂

We will be starting with our very popular Friday night Runners and Cyclists class at 6.30pm. as well as hosting our usual Saturday morning classes and our Sunday morning Yoga and Meditation class this weekend.

How To Join:

  • Book the usual way through the timetable page of our website and use the Mindbody booking system. We now require students to complete this at least 15 min before the class.
  • Before booking & attending please make sure you have downloaded the latest version of ZOOM. Give yourself plenty of time to do this. Its very simple & easy to create your personal account here  And you only need to do this once. Give us a call on 07960 330183 if you need support with accessing this platform. We also plan to make a Zoom demo available soon if you require further guidance.
  • We will take charge in linking up with you.  Once you have booked on to your class via the usual booking system – Look out for an email with the ZOOM meeting link around 10 minutes before the start of class which will give you access to that booked session.
  • Our classes will be kept to the same numbers and you have an opportunity to connect with our teachers before & after the session. You will have the option to opt out of a video link if you don’t want to be visible on the shared screen. Once you are online and before the session starts – Head to the camera icon on the bottom left corner of the screen to switch off your camera. Again if you have any questions before the class starts, or you would like to let the teacher know about any personal health issues the please email us at least 1 hour before the start of class.  


Session prices will remain the same and teachers will also receive their usual rate.

We also want you to know we have paused our new pricing options we recently announced that were planned to come into effect next month.  All existing prices will continue until further notice.

If money is a barrier to attending our online sessions please get in touch so we can arrange something with you to keep up your practice at this important time.

Yoga Mat delivery Service:

We have brand new mats to sell at £16 and we will deliver them free to your door (Don’t worry I won’t try to do this via my bicycle – We’ll use Dan’s bashed up car instead!)

We also have a number of used mats which we can lend out & deliver if you require – Please get in touch so we can discuss how this might work.

And if you fancy a Dandelion Cafe takeaway this is also available via a delivery service that they are offering! Dan will announce this in next 24 hours via Facebook/ Instagram. Or call them 07763571283.


We will be offering a lovely variety exciting new events and resources through our online platforms so please know there is so much in store to come and we will be working tirelessly to maintain a diverse, vibrant and wholesome array of high quality services & teaching for you to engage with.

We believe that what we offer has a profound & much needed rest and healing for people – and we need to continue to be available to you in any way that we can. You can be with Heather Yoga in the following ways:

1. Live-stream sessions via ZOOM as mentioned.
2. Online recorded practices on the website here:
3. Our online community Facebook group ‘Place Of Space: Heather Yoga Online Community’ we will be sharing lot’s more resources over the next few week.
4. Private 121 yoga, meditation or breathwork sessions via Skype or Zoom. Drop us an email if you would like to book.
5. The Heather Yoga Instagram page.

We are a friendly, loving and compassionate small independent business. We greatly value your support, care and custom during this challenging time. Please be patient with us while we make this move online. We would like to thank you in advance for staying in flow with us.