May 27, 2020

Essential Oils and Your Health.

It is so important at this time that we all keep our immune systems as strong as possible and essential oils can help on both a physical and psychological level and they can be used in many ways…


Mix 2 drops of essential oils to 5ml carrier oil such as Sweet Almond(if not allergic to nuts), Grapeseed or Coconut oil. Tests were done with a clove of garlic on to a man’s feet and the smell of garlic came out on his breath 10 minutes later showing how powerful and quickly oils work. Therefore a good way to ensure the oils are in your body in the quickest time is to massage your feet (or better still get someone else to do it for you).

You can also use oils for bathing (around 5 drops) but ensure that you have filled your bath first and finally add the oils then they are not evaporating in the steam. Then just relax for around 20 minutes. If you have used a carrier oil then you have no need to use moisturiser.


Put 2 pints of water into a bowl, add 10 drops of essential oil. Put a towel over your head & inhale the oils. This can help to ease congestion in the sinuses.

Thyme oil is excellent for lungs as are Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Rosemary.

Oils can also be put into a spray with water and used to clean your work surfaces. You can also use them as a room spray. Try mixing 2 drops of
Bergamot & Lavender & 6 drops of lemon into a spray as this will be uplifting and bring a lovely smell into your home without using artificial sprays.


Add several drops of oil into a burner or diffuser. You can alter the mood of the room depending on which oil you use.

Bergamot and Lemon and other citrus oils are uplifting so best used during the day. Frankincense is used in meditation so is very calming if you are feeling anxious at this time.

Geranium helps to balance hormones which could be useful if you have a home full of ladies!!

At the moment there are many people working or studying from home and Rosemary is excellent for helping with concentration and you can always put a drop or 2 on a tissue and keep sniffing.

Lavender is good for relaxation & insomnia. (1 drop on either side of the pillow as it can also be stimulating). Rosewood is for tired, grumpy children (& adults) who don’t want to go to bed. On another note Ylang Ylang works well as an aphrodisiac!!

Please note…

Always be cautious when using oils especially on children, if you have skin sensitivities or are under 16 weeks pregnant.

*Please do not ingest the oils or use them neat on your skin as they can irritate.*

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Ann is an ITEC Qualified Aromatherapist/Reflexologist as well as a very dedicated Heather Yoga Karmi!