June 17, 2020

Water Kefir is a fermented probiotic rich beverage in which a combination of live bacteria and yeasts exist in a symbiotic cluster. It is this culture that makes up the grains, containing 4 types of beneficial bacteria. Like other fermented goods, kefir need sugar to form, and just like us, it likes a balanced diet, primarily using cane sugar, and sometimes muscovado sugar or molasses. Similar to Kombucha, this health tonic promotes gut and digestive health while being superbly delicious too and lightly carbonated, making it a healthy alternative to sugary fizzy drinks. Our Kefir is flavoured with freshly juiced lemon and ginger, adding even more health benefits with vast amounts of vitamin C, B6 copper, potassium and manganese and magnesium! Enjoy cold at room temperature or even warm it up. Amazingly refreshing in the summer and a wonderfully warming zingy way to aid and protect your immune system in the winter.

It is recommended to try incorporating Kefir in your diet for at least 3 months so that you start to notice it’s benefits, however it is worth noting that you should try to avoid having it just before bed.

Dandelion cafe is selling kefir in 280ml and 500ml bottles for you to buy as part of their take out menu. Please phone 07763 571283 to make your order.

We will also be providing many other tips and tools to support our physical, mental and emotional health, including what we can include in our diet within our Regulate workshop by Heather Yoga this Saturday 20th June at 2pm-4pm. For more info, please click here