September 11, 2020

Yoga Props For Sale at Heather Yoga

Because of the new health and safety measures that we have put in place to support your wellbeing when visiting the space, Heather Yoga can no longer lend out any yoga props until further notice, and this includes yoga mats, bricks, straps and blankets. Please make sure you have everything you need to support your practice and body in a very skilful way, and that investing in props can allow you to really experience the different yoga poses with a sense of space, steadiness and ease. Don’t forget about making sure you are also warm and restful for Savasana, bearing in mind that the room will have the windows open to allow for extra air flow. We are selling props including yoga mats, blankets and some special homemade bolsters in a selection of beautiful materials from Margaret (Heather’s mum). Please get in touch via email or phone to place your order- 07960 330183 and we can organise collection

Not sure if you want to invest just yet? You can always improvise for now and bring to class with you 2 x hardback books and 2 x lunchboxes/ food boxes instead of bricks or blocks. You could also use a towel instead of a strap and this can double up as a blanket for Savasana and for padding out the knee in low lunges or kneeling poses.

Here is our price list
Yoga Mats £20
Bricks £10
Blocks £7.50
Yoga Straps £7
Homemade Bolsters £35