November 3, 2020



Hello Yogi

As I stood in my kitchen on Sunday afternoon dusting off the pressure cooker ready for making warming winter dishes such as dahl, soup and stews (aka ’stewps’ by my Mum!) I reflected on the Government announcement about the national lockdown from Thursday 5th November until 2nd December and I felt like the cooking pot was representing where we all are right now with how we’re feeling & experiencing. The temperature is rising & pressure increasing as we continue to navigate life through the pandemic, and the next lockdown period upon us.

The valve of the pressure cooker is such an important part – to release the steam and regulate the temperate so it doesn’t get to such an excessive pressure that it explodes. For each of us we need to know what is our own valve (or valves, as we unlike the cooker can have many!) – to help us regulate the pressure building in ourselves. That valve can be found in different ways including the many practices from Yoga and Meditation.

From this Thursday as the doors to our yoga centre temporarily close for a month, all of our online offerings will continue –  multiple daily yoga classes, themed workshops, courses, and special events – beamed from our brilliant teachers homes direct into yours, and we will keep holding the space for our amazing community in the virtual sphere with much needed connection and supporting of each other.

We are a small business whose (soul) purpose is to serve others, and which relies on people coming together for sharing & benefitting from this amazing practice of Yoga for physical, mental, emotional wellbeing & health.  And so we ask you to please stay with us, keep up your routine & commitment to get on the mat, dedicate yourself to feeling good, to self regulate, for self care, and to release the pressure valve of tension. Its so needed at this time. And we want you to know we are here for you.

One of our upcoming courses is the Stress & Anxiety Yogi Support System which we encourage you to read about and join us for if you can.

Its an accessible effective guidance system and formula for holistic living in COVID so you know how to better deal with stress & anxiety in any moment of your day. It starts this Saturday 7th November for a 3 week immersive experience with weekly workshop style sessions, evening wind downs and group coaching, and you’ll receive a treasure trove of tools for supporting your nervous system, energy levels, boosting immunity, changing your experience of your experiences, and being well.  Please let us know if you have any questions on this.

For those booked on the STUDIO classes from Thursday onwards –  we will automatically transfer your spot over to attending ONLINE. Please pop us an email if you cannot attend this online and we’ll put the class back on to your account. In the meantime, there are spaces left on STUDIO classes for the next 3 days so please take the opportunity to join us at the space this week. ?