February 1, 2021

Last month I celebrated my 10 Years of teaching Yoga! And this March I’m leading our 1st Yoga Teacher Training.

Here I am in Goa, a throwback to 2011, 6 Years into my own Yoga practice, having just completed my first YTTC with no idea what was ahead of me but with an inner knowing that I was meant to be there and follow this path.

A planned 6-week trip turned into nearly 4 months away! Big realisations & a mini emotional breakdown halfway through the intensive training -I was not ready to go back to my life in London with no work there following redundancy from the Music Industry & a period of 7 months unemployed- I got an offer to stay on at the School and help out for the season.

For someone who liked a plan, to be organised, and thought they knew what was always ahead – I let go, opened to possibilities & trusted I was in the right place.

Rescheduled flights, borrowed money from my Mum to keep me going – the school paying just 200 rupees per day (£3 at the time) – I moved into a cheap room tucked away behind the kitchen of a bar down the beach where on my arrival I was greeted & freaked out by a dinosaur of a lizard in my bathroom sink, and every day received the strong smells of weed wafting into the room from the other guests!

With fairy lights, incense, and some colourful throws I brightened up the place and made it my little home for the season, also became friends with the geckos & creatures who wanted to share the space, and passed on the offers of the joints that came my way!

The beach a stones throw away was my daily commute to the School where I began teaching regular classes to travellers, assisting on the teacher training program, and helped with all matter of tasks for the daily running of the place – eventually becoming one of the main teachers on the training courses for some years following.

I taught 100’s of people from around the globe, before founding my business Heather Yoga and building an incredible Yoga Community here, and whilst spending 1000’s of development hours on teacher trainings as a student, and assisting my teacher @jason_crandell – committed to an ongoing journey of learning & growth and my passion to help others through this practice.?

This March I will be running our first Yoga Teacher Training here in Yorkshire! Ready to pass on my knowledge and experience to our trainees, supporting & empowering them with their purpose & journey throughout our comprehensive program, enabling them to step into their yoga teaching as exceptional & impactful teachers.

Head over to here for all the details on this transformational experience!

There’s much more of my story to come – follow my personal page @heathersaragregg where I’ll be posting & sharing with you.

Heather x


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