February 16, 2021

“Never pass up a chance to do nothing” Judith Hanson Lasater

We hope that this quote makes you smile! It’s a playful way to remind ourselves that rest is actually an important & necessary process in replenishing the body and mind so that we can function fully. In our upcoming workshop with Sarah Williams ‘Invest In Rest’ we will be doing far from ‘nothing’ as the nervous system will have plenty to do as by way of taking care of you! Restorative Yoga and Somatic Movement are great ways to work with fatigue, stress, insomnia, and anxiety. The balance of Somatic Movements, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra are a tonic for the nervous system and a vehicle for becoming witness to our sensations and experiences. The best part is it’s suitable for pretty much everybody! Making time for rest is an act of Self Compassion, and there is art and science behind how we can set ourselves up this. Join us for this unbelievably valuable & much needed session for our current times, and give yourself permission to step away from the distractions, stimulation, chaos – using relaxation as a tool to regulate, come into a balanced state and be more present.

We can’t wait to learn from the brilliant guest teachers who will be featuring on our upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Course starting 26th March. Sarah Williams will be sharing her knowledge on Yoga Nidra with our trainees.

Find out more about this 7-month programme: www.heatheryoga.co.uk/teacher-training/Workshop Registration: www.heatheryoga.co.uk/workshops/#investinrest