May 4, 2021

Join Heather on Sunday 11th April 11am – 1:30pm in Emerge Radiant & Renewed; Spring Clean Workshop.
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The Magical Neti Pot

Demoing the neti pot is never going to end up being the most glamorous angle of yourself!

But this ancient yogic nasal cleaning technique is a brilliant little practice for:

  • Keeping the nasal passages and sinuses clean & clear,
  • Is said to keep colds & infections away.
  • Works well for preparing for & enhancing breath work and meditations and can bring a sense of mental clarity from cleaning out the airways.

I’ll be introducing this alongside some other techniques which are great simple daily tools for keeping the body & mind healthy, cleansed & energised on an every day basis in the ‘Emerge, Radiant & Renewed: Yogi Spring Clean’ workshop sessions on Sundays 11th April.

The neti pot is something I’ve been using for over 10 Years and it has made a noticeable difference to my health with the amount of sinus congestion and colds I used to have. I used to be ‘bunged up’ and blowing my nose a lot, especially through the Winter months, but (touch wood) I get maybe one cold a year now, if not! Its super easy to use – really.

All you need is a neti pot and salt (I use himalayan pink salt, and some tepid water that has been boiled/ filtered). Getting the mix of salt in water is super important – It’s 1 teaspoon of salt to ½ litre of water.

Check out this video for more guidance and come join me on 11th April when we’ll go through this practice along with some others I’ll be sharing with you which are in my daily self care routine.

More than ever do I believe that the ancient practices of Yoga & Ayurveda are so necessary for people staying well, strong, and in harmony with nature right now in this day & age, at this time of the Year as we move into Spring season, and also from living through the pandemic this past Year.

Heather x

Emerge Radiant & Renewed; Spring Clean Workshop – Sunday 11th April 11am – 1:30pm. Catch the Early Bird until 28th March – £25. Full Price £30.