April 21, 2021

Observing our Vikruti with the Seasons

Ayurveda teaches us to observe our ‘vikruti’ which is our current state. When (or before) we notice a pull in one direction, we implement tools to keep the balance. The seasons are an obvious example that affect us all. During the time of spring into summer, the heat is rising, there are more daylight hours and due to this, we often increase our social interactions.

With the excess heat, it can draw us into a more pitta state, this dosha is governed by the element of fire and some water too. We can even intensify this quality in our actions by rushing around from job to job, throwing back a coffee, having a disagreement with someone on the phone and then slurping an ice cold fizzy can – this will have a very heating effect on the body due to all of the aggravation and inflammation. This can then manifest in the personality as a ‘hot-head’; fiery, short-tempered and angry.

Instead, to pacify the qualities of pitta which are already naturally heightened during the warmer months, we can draw on cooling tools. The yogis knew all of this so long ago and Ayurveda will often prescribe particular yogic practices to be used for balancing and healing.

During this Spring-Summer Art of Cooking workshop-Sunday 9th May 11am-1pm, Ella will be sharing with you simple practices that work to cool the body, mind and spirit. When we start to understand health as a holistic concept, we see the importance of working with all areas of our lives from the food we eat, the relationships we foster, the way we breathe, the rituals we engage in and everything in between. 

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