May 13, 2021

Our favourite Philosophy Books That Aren’t Philosophy Books!

“Never underestimate the power of small things” Matt Haig

It can be really nice to have a variety of reading to accompany those slightly denser non-fiction Philosophy books which can take a little longer to digest. Philosophy Fiction is a great way to engage with some of life’s most important lessons. Heather Yoga would love to share two books which have been a highlight from this past year and there is a reason why they are both best sellers.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior and The Midnight Library  are both enlightening and empathetic. I like to describe them as very gentle page turners which are comforting, thought provoking and fully absorbing all at the same time.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

Way of the Peaceful Warrior tells the story of student and competitive gymnast Dan, who is experiencing a sense of discomfort and unfulfillment in his athletic success. He meets an old man at a petrol station called Socrates (the peaceful warrior) who takes on the role of Dan’s personal mentor and spiritual teacher, guiding him and the reader on a journey of mindfulness, awakening and purpose. Socrates is incredibly charismatic and he will make you as the reader laugh at his playful humour and feel in awe of his teachings at different times in the story. 

“There is no problem, never was, and never will be. Release your struggle, let go of your mind, throw away your concerns, and relax into the world. No need to resist life, just do your best.”

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Matt Haig  is very open about his own challenges with Anxiety and Depression and he communicates this throughout his work. (I actually recommend following him on Instagram as his posts are very insightful and very much to the point!) The main character in The Midnight Library is Nora who struggles with how to navigate and deal with feelings of regret. She ends up in the Midnight Library – a magical world in between life and death where she meets an unexpected childhood friend. Nora now finds herself in a position where she can select and dip into a vast collection of different books. Each volume represents a version of her life where she made different choices. Nora can now ‘try on’ a different life that she could have lived whilst facing the huge question ‘how do you want to live?’ For example one book shows her a life where she made it to the Olympics, another contains a life where she becomes a world famous rock star! It’s fair to say that this book is both quirky and introspective at different points.

Through the course of a stunning narrative, Matt Haigh expresses a beautiful concept of how there are somethings in life that we can change and somethings in life that we can’t change, however life is always changing and our challenge with it comes mainly from our need to control it or from how we respond / react to it and in particular how we compare ourselves to others. *The Midnight Library-Matt Haig, Way Of The Peaceful Warrior-Dan Millan*

“There are patterns to life…Rhythms. It is so easy, while trapped in just the one life, to imagine that times of sadness or tragedy or failure or fear are a result of that particular existence. That it is a by-product of living a certain way, rather than simply living.”

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