May 23, 2021

Calm your Mind. Elevate Your Mood. Charge your Energy

The Breath Is Your Superpower!⚡️

The ancient yogis understood the science of the breath as a way to actually master your mind & energy – using the breath as the agent to calm fluctuations and agitation of the mental space, slow down and step away from tidal wave of thoughts, to regulate, calm & restore your nervous system, harness the subtle energy for greater vitality & health, and the capacity to transform ourselves from the inside out!

Calm Your Mind.

The inner critic can get so damn bolshy at times. Like a uninvited guest to your party that comes barging in to the mental space all loud and feisty, and with a ‘f*&k you’ attitude if you try to kindly ask it to leave!

It doesn’t want to move, and I don’t want to get into some battle with the narrative.

So instead I say: “Ok inner critic as you wish – stay at the party I won’t chuck you out. In fact, why not go help yourself to a drink and a snack over there, make yourself comfortable and see you in a bit. I’ll be over here”

So as the inner critic hangs out in the corner, it’s fine – I chose to focus my attention on other guests instead.

“Hey there body! And how are ya doing my breath?!”

I get interested in what is happening right now over here: the sensations that are being presented & the breath flowing in each moment, before I shift my breathing into a purposefully slow rhythmic groove for some time.

Suddenly I’m aware the volume switch of noise from our friend in the corner has been turned down to some degree, and I’m no longer registering them bouncing around in my periphery and trying to distract me.

I stay for a bit longer with the dance of the breath – choosing now to play the longer exhalations. The buzz of my body smooths out. The wild activity in the mental space calms down even more. “Wow It’s got super quiet in here.”

And then I notice the inner critic has left the room. At least for now….!

Charge Your Energy.⚡

When you’re feeling a bit dull, lacklustre, fatigued, or maybe just finding it difficult to get going in the morning and need a boost in your energy – you can actually turn to our breath and move it in a specific way to uplift, energise and revitalise.

So rather than grab that coffee, food, sugar, or energy drink to find a fix to get you going – instead we can tap into the breath and train ourselves with this different habit as a means to stimulate & enliven our energy so we feel steady, ready, focused and vibrantly alive!?

Elevate Your Mood.

When I’m tired, in periods of high stress, and most definitely in the premenstrual stage of my monthly cycle, is when I feel my mood more likely to drop low – as does the patience & tolerance levels, anxiety goes up, my mind becomes distracted, focus diffused, and I feel more sensitive, vulnerable & stuck!

I practice a variety of different methods to shift & change my current state and this includes turning to my breath – using one of many breathing techniques I know & understand that help me to take care of myself out of feeling lacking enthusiasm, self doubting, anxious, depressed

When I focus my attention on the breath and directing the flow in a specific way there’s a sense that some of that heaviness has been lifted, my mood starts to elevate, and I feel more present, connected, and contentment.

If you’d like to tap into and ignite the capacity of your own breath for calming your mind, elevating your mood, decompressing from stress, improving sleep, sharpening your focus & attention, and boosting your energy. – please join me for my BRAND NEW ‘Awakening The Breath’ 6 Week Course starting this Saturday 15th May 🙂