July 26, 2021

Circling Sun & Moon: A Summer Qigong Flow

This Qigong practice, which is called Circling Sun & Moon, opens up the body in a way that stimulates the heart and small intestine meridians- both of which run along the arms. These are the organs for the season of summer, both responsible for circulation in the body.

Some of the postures we practice in the summer are used to get the heart pumping! This is a great way to facilitate circulation which helps to send prana/chi around the body.

Join us for ‘A Summer Flow with Debs’-Saturday 19th June 5pm-7pm at Heather Yoga online to practice ‘Circling Sun & Moon’ as well as other Qigong and seasonal Yoga Flows.

Full Price £25 (7 Day replay included)

Book here: www.heatheryoga.co.uk/workshops/#summerflow