July 26, 2021

You may have heard Yoga teachers cueing to “step the bottom hand a little forward” as you move into Side Plank. But why is this detail important?

First of all, it’s good for you to know that the most stable angles for weight bearing at your shoulders are:

0 degrees of flexion (arm down alongside the rib cage).

90 degrees of flexion (arms level with shoulders).

180 degrees of flexion (arms straight up over head).

Secondly, in Side Plank the body is not parallel to the ground (i.e our feet are lower than the line of the shoulder joint)  which means when your wrist is directly under the shoulder the angle as the shoulder is less than 90 degrees. The result is a more acute angle and a less stable weight bearing joint. 

Therefore when the wrist is slightly forward of the shoulder this makes the angle at the joint 90 degrees (level with the shoulder) and so the pose is more steady & safe for weight bearing, and sustainable for our shoulders.

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