August 4, 2021



Many people understand Somatics to be particular movement sequences/exercises that have an aim to release muscle tension and bring the muscles and nervous system back in to balance. But as teachers, if we only instruct students/clients what to do (“arch your back”, “tip your pelvis”, “lift the left buttock off the floor”) are we really teaching Somatics?

Somatics is about creating a learning environment and allowing each soma to sense, move, learn, choose…this cannot be done by only following instructions.

Radiant Star Yoga classes, workshops and teacher trainings guide you into your on somatic experience so that you can learn to move with more freedom and choice and ability, based on your own sensory feedback.

David and Amanda of Radiant Star Yoga are both experienced Somatic Movement Educators with over 10 years experience teaching a variety of movement approaches including Somatic Yoga, Aerial Yoga and Pranayama. They are also Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainers and Somatic Movement Teacher Trainers:

You can join them in our upcoming workshop “A Somatic Exploration of Yoga Sun Salutation” coming to you live from Goa on Sunday 15th August 10am-12noon. Find out more details here: