August 11, 2021

So many of us come to the practice of yoga to move. What we often overlook is how important it is to tune in to the subtle and be still, to not just to move our bodies but to move ourselves towards the deep sense of knowing that was there all along. A remembering. A resting of our whole being.

This is where the practice of restorative yoga and somatic movement can help us out. While the body isn’t moving as much as in our dynamic practice the mind is required to be completely attentive to our experience and stay in the present moment without distraction. Some call this an advanced practice of yoga. Don’t let that put you off….

The combination of gentle movement, supported postures and interoceptive inquiry can be a place of nurturing, of compassion and support. In this practice what we explore is both deeply personal and solitary while also being a doorway to connection. The journey to rest can be difficult which is why soothing the nervous system, taking responsibility for ourselves, prioritising comfort and consistency are paramount. The wonderful thing about this practice is that almost all of us can do it. You can meet this practice as you are.

Join Sarah Williams on Saturday 4th September 4pm-5.30pm for a super nourishing and interoceptive practice to help you start your own ‘Journey to Rest.’ Workshop details here.

We’re also honoured to have Sarah with us again as a guest expert on our Yoga Unwrapped© Foundation Yoga Teacher Training: 200 Hours restarting this October. There are a few spots left if you’d like to come with us on a transformational journey, deep dive fully into your practice, and become an exceptional & impactful yoga teacher! Payment plan available. Find out more here.

About Sarah

Sarah’s teaching focuses on inquiry-based movement that is practical and accessible. Bringing together traditional teachings in a modern context, her classes provide a platform for students to get to know themselves rather than perform.