August 19, 2021

One of the most profound concepts within The Bhagavad Gita is that of ‘Karma Yoga’. There are many definitions throughout the Yoga world for what Karma Yoga means, but in the context of this ancient text it is described as ‘Selfless Service’. 

How can the idea of selfless service from a book written around 200CE be relevant today or even to Downward Dog for that matter?!

Karma Yoga can be interpreted as that which supports the welfare of everyone, by acting in a way that is beneficial to the entirety of all things. It follows a basic law of understanding nature with appreciation at its forefront. Knowing that the world around us and everything in it is inextricably linked. Not one thing can exist unaffected by another.

If we place our satisfaction in the process of what we’re doing and focus on the quality in which we act rather than in what we receive from our actions, we’re more likely to feel contentment and non-attachment. This can be a better peaceful experience rather than from over investing all of our emotions in the outcome of what we do.

How about you explore Karma Yoga the next time you roll out your mat, and press up & back into Downward Dog?!  Instead of only doing the pose to improve your physical strength or aiming to get your heels to touch the floor, can you place your attention on purely being in the moment with the subtle sensations of hands grounding down, or how your breath feels in the abdomen? Appreciate the subtle over the gross-  Your awareness, what it’s like to move with a community, the feeling of being connected to the space around you, and enjoying having a body to practice with? 

Know that your ability to continue to show up will help you to be a better person whilst you interact with the world around you from a much more centred, connected & contented place within. 

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