September 15, 2021

“I want to feel centered & grounded.” This is something I hear a lot from people, and also with myself.

What does that mean to you?

For me it makes me think about how I’m showing up amidst the turbulence of my life, and applying the ongoing practice of remaining steady, strong & calm with what is happening – neither trying to fight it or escape it, but being with it without being it!

So for example, when there’s loud rumblings of mental activity & an emotional charge brewing up with it- if I’m not conscious of what’s happening it becomes a fast & furious storm which I either get pulled out & around by, or use distractions to try to run away from. And sometimes I may even be chasing it!

Or maybe it’s times of unease & chaos in the external environment and I’m not present & aware – my attention, identity & energy easily get sucked into the swirl and I’ve allowed myself to be tossed about in many directions – feeling reactive, confused, out of control & exhausted!

My yoga practice helps me better find a place where I’m more clear, rooted & connected with who I am. Using the simple tools of mindfully moving the body, attuning to my breath, and spending time in meditative stillness are anchor points whilst things are quickly spinning around me.

The yoga mat is like the training ground to be able to sit in the eye of the hurricane! That place of stillness within the craziness of the storm where things are steady, rooted & calm!

Next Sunday morning 19th September 11am we’ll be combining yoga poses, movement, breath, and Yoga Nidra meditation in ’Flowing Into Stillness’ workshop to find the steadiness and ease, and that still centre point. You can join me in the STUDIO or and a 7 day replay is included for all who register. More details here

Heather x