September 30, 2021

Hello Yogi,

You may think I’m biased saying this, but we’re damn proud of the fine selection of exceptional teachers we offer you at Heather Yoga for developing & nurturing a safe, enjoyable and satisfying Yoga & Meditation practice that supports and positively impacts your physical, mental & emotional wellbeing. From day one of building this Yoga community it’s always been part of my mission to serve others with incredible teaching, and provide a centre of excellence and yoga home for everyone to come together and connect as they explore this practice together: Growing and evolving to find greater health, happiness, contentment and peace in our body, mind and lives.

Meet the new teachers (aka The Fabulous Four!) you can now practice with in addition to all your favourite one’s!

Studio & Online: Vinyasa Open Level
with Ella Tighe
Sunday | 9.30am – 10.30am

Ella is a dancer and yoga teacher. She initially trained in Ashtanga and took the traditional apprenticeship route with her teacher Ervin Menyhart. Since then she’s spent 100 hours training in Rocket and Mandala Vinyasa Yoga styles which she also offers. Ella has been taught and mentored by influential yoga teachers including Norman Sjoman, Sri Louise, Mark Kan and taken training by Eileen Gauthier – whose teachings highly inform her practice. She also has a BA in Dance Making & Performance and an MA in Performance Practices. Her classes work with precision and specificity in asana – with flowing sequences of movement that build the foundations for every student to explore the potential of their individual body through asana. She hopes to find a space in which a student can find support in their body and a sense of effortlessness.

What to Expect…

When you take a class with Ella, you can expect a juicy vinyasa flow moving into and out of poses with grace and precision. We’ll focus on opening the body by working with correct alignment and technique, enabling you to let go and release into the poses for maximum effect!

Studio & Online: Vinyasa Open Level
with Hannah Powney
Monday | 6.30pm – 7.30pm

“I stumbled across yoga in my early twenties. I’m generally up for anything that involves moving and energising my body and there was something about yoga that I was instinctively drawn to. I love anything outdoors, running, hiking or climbing. My enthusiasm for these hobbies can fluctuate with the seasons, but I’ve found that since I first stepped on the mat almost ten years ago, my passion for yoga has only grown stronger. It has become a core part of my life.

Whilst I was first attracted to a physical practice, I’ve learnt to appreciate the subtler disciplines of yoga and I want to share these with my students. Listening to the body and practising yoga with self-compassion can have an extremely positive impact on our mental wellbeing. If we learn to bring mind and body into the present or to let go of ego on the mat, we can find it easier to find these states of awareness off the mat too.”

What to Expect…

Hannah’s classes are playful and accessible. She aims to create a space where everyone is confident exploring and developing their practice. At the heart of her classes she believes that it’s healthy to challenge our comfort zones, and that this should be fun too!

Studio & Online: Yoga For Runners & Cyclists
with Davey Johnston
Friday | 6.30pm – 7.30pm

With a background in competitive cycling, coaching, leadership, and as a mental health first aider, the variety of experience & skill which Davey has at his disposal is impressive!

“As athletes we are frequently using the same groups of muscles in a repetitive way, often without a real understanding of how that can cause imbalances; leading to discomfort and increasing the risk of injury.”

What to Expect…

Davey’s Yoga classes aim to bring some much needed balance back into our bodies; making sure that we look after those key muscle groups that support and propel us through our sporting endeavours, but also caring for and nurturing the mind and body as a whole, so that we can be happy and having fun as we take on whatever the world has in store for us!

Studio & Online: Vinyasa Open Level
with Abi Douglas
Saturday | 11am – 12noon

Abi found yoga around eight years ago while living abroad, as her soul was searching for answers and she was yearning for a deeper meaning to life. Since starting a regular yoga practice, her journey of
self-awareness has been enriched by breathwork, mindfulness, meditation and of course yoga asana. Yoga has become both a spiritual and physical practice which she comes back to everyday and whilst her practice on the mat allows her time to connect and really feel into her body, yoga is so much more. It’s reflection, journalling, pranayama, a way of life off the mat too which encourages her to be the best version of herself.

“I knew within me that I wanted to become a yoga teacher to help others access the benefits of yoga and find their way back to themselves. Modern day life can be so frantic and so often we can feel as if we are rushing from one thing to another without really taking it all in. Through yoga, I hope to inspire others to weave those all important moments of self-reflection and inquiry into their day to day lives, as well as honouring their bodies as they arrive on their yoga mat.”

Abi loves being out in nature and you can often find her at the allotment tending to seedlings or wondering why nothing is growing! It’s here that she feels grounded and calm and where lots of her inspiration for her classes comes from.

What to Expect…

“I’m a vinyasa lover to the core and my classes are creative, dynamic and fun! I enjoy teaching movements connected with the breath to bring us into the present moment, alongside poses to ground, energise and empower. It’s all about having a go, letting go of the end pose and accepting where you are at right now.”