November 15, 2021

Am I there yet?

So you love Yoga, connect with your yoga teachers and are considering becoming one yourself, but there are those doubts lingering… Am I there yet? It’s a perfectly legitimate question to all ask ourselves before taking on any new learning and/or challenge but we’re here to support you with this one

Everyone is on their own path, and all have encountered yoga for different reasons. Some may have been practicing at the local studio, others got hooked on holiday, while some have an insight to vinyasa yoga, others have been finding light in a meditation practice. Yoga incorporates more than any one of us could study in a lifetime really and so it’s wonderful that everyone can bring something different to a training where we can learn from one another as well as the teachers.

One should have an established personal practice before taking on a Yoga teacher training because it is a big commitment! What does that mean? Well you could say it’s a strong practice BUT we don’t mean a ‘strong’ asana practice or a ‘strong’ meditation practice in that they go on for hours or feel very ‘advanced’! When saying strong, we mean dedicated – choosing an aspect of the yoga practice and prioritising it amongst many other pulls on our time and attention that we all face.

There’s plenty of people who take on teacher training without the intention to ever actually teach, which is perfect as you don’t need to want that to go on this transformational experience! While of course sometimes this then changes over the duration of the course, it’s a sign that this training can be of benefit to so many.

You are ready for this training if:

🔆 You feel like you are dedicated to the practice and curious to know more
🔆 You have experienced how the yoga practice is infusing your life.
🔆 You are ready to take on an eye-opening, fulfilling & life changing challenge.
🔆 You want to feel more connected to this practice.
🔆 You want to spread the joy of this practice.
🔆 You would like to become a core part of the yoga community.

Signing up to an initial Yoga teacher training is the first step in a lifelong journey so please don’t feel that you need to already know or be able to do anything! The prerequisite lies in the commitment & dedication to go deeper, with an open mind, heart and will, and non attachment to an outcome so you can be fully open to the process and the possibilities that unfold. This is what is important here!