November 15, 2021



Most importantly, this is not a test. You will not be getting weighed up against anyone else on your knowledge of philosophy or experience of asanas. Instead, this is an exciting day of connecting with a community who all have a common interest. This is a day to get to know others and yourself a bit more, noting where it is you are starting from, and peeking into all that there is to delve into.

Heather will be holding space for all, without expectation, just curiosity. Everyone is on their own path and has something different to bring to the table. You may be shocked to realise how everyone’s unique experience of life thus far can be of benefit to all if insight is shared. For example, there may be school teachers used to finding innovative ways to peak interest, there may be physiotherapists with intricate knowledge on the physical form, there may be shop assistants used to observing the diversity in human behaviour all within one setting. All of this may filter out over the duration of the course. The first day is simply an opportunity to be open and take that first step in creating a supportive community for learning.

This unique collection of adults may be unlikely to come together in any other setting. This training won’t be the same without you in it… really, it would be different. Do you want to be a part of this? We would love to welcome you, teach you and learn from you. FIND OUT MORE!