November 15, 2021

Unhelpful Habits We See In Yoga

We can all pick up unhelpful habits in our asana practice, as we’re focusing on one thing, we can miss another. These habits originate in our repetitive daily movements which can lead to:

  • A leaning forward of the head.
  • Contraction of the shoulders.
  • Tendency to lean to one side or the other.
  • Overreaching when arms are overhead
  • Standing more into the heels or balls of the feet.
  • Eyes searching around to what’s happening around
  • Leading with the same side in certain transitions

These are just a few! But many of these tiny details can be difficult to pick up on unless within a 1-2-1 environment with a professional body worker. Of course, 1-2-1 appointments are more expensive than  group sessions which can often be the barrier to engaging in more.

The upcoming ‘Aligned: 6 Week intimate Practice With Heather’ provides the middle ground – with each session having similarities to that within a Yoga class and a 1-2-1 setting. In this semi-private experience it will offer you the opportunity to understand your own unhelpful habits that have become ‘natural’ & ‘normal’, and help you discover ways of moving toward balance and upgrading your alignment.

We are delighted to run this intimate practice series as we feel it’s just what the community needs at this time after lots of time away from being with the teacher in the studio!

If you could do with a little more focus on your alignment, then join Heather from 18th November.

EARLY BIRD available until Monday 8th November! Spots are limited! Find out more here.