November 15, 2021

All that we practice on the yoga mat is a metaphor for our lives outside. We don’t practise these shapes to get ‘good’ at them, we practise yoga to learn more about ourselves; our challenges, triggers, responses, thought patterns and so much more! A lot can be revealed in the practice and it’s important that we both prepare well and tend to our aftercare.  

As we continue our yoga journey, we hope that the practice will begin to spread wider than the time spent on the mat, the ‘yoga glow’ can remain with you for hours after as you radiate more peace and ease in the body and mind. If we rush out of class and jump straight back to what we may have been doing before, we miss this opportunity to take this transformational practice with us into our ‘regular’ lives.

Some ways to extend the benefits beyond the mat:

🔆Set off 5-10 minutes earlier to the studio (so you may arrive 15-20 minutes before start time) to release any tensions around traffic or parking

🔆Arrive to the online shala 5-10 minutes early to release any tensions around technical difficulties

🔆Ensure you don’t plan anything for immediately after the class so the pressure of rushing doesn’t overwhelm the subtleties of the residue

🔆After a morning class, go for a walk in nature

🔆If short on time, ground your bare feet in the earth (which may well be wet/muddy/cold) for just 30-seconds or so

🔆After an evening class, take a warm bath to immerse yourself in the nourishment of self-care

🔆If short on time, take a few minutes to journal to literally ground what you’re feeling onto paper

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