November 26, 2021

A mandala is a Hindu and Buddhist symbol which represents wholeness. Each part of the symbol contributes to both the larger circular figure and the ‘buddhi’ – centre of all. This symbol demonstrates how each and every living being and action contributes to the whole macrocosm. No matter how small or big the mandala, there is no break, it is whole.

This cyclical pattern is shown to us again and again in nature, as we move through the days, moon cycles, yearly seasons, all of which constantly feed into one another, never broken, continually unfolding.

The mandala symbol can be embodied within vinyasa yoga by calling on all body parts, all directions, the four elements, (Earth, Water, Fire & Air) and moving 360 degrees around the yoga mat. Throughout this kind of practice, we can remember our participation in the constant state of ebb and flow within the universe, every movement essential to the mandala as a whole.

On Monday 27th December, Elle Tighe will be hosting a Christmas special 75-minute Mandala Vinyasa Fire Flow Pop Up from 9:30am-10:45am (either in studio or online). 

This class is specifically focusing on igniting your inner fire to aid an inner cleanse and detox, perfect for the Christmas period. Expect deep twists to ring out the spine and allow you to spiral around your mat to create your own embodiment of the mandala. 

Click here to book your space.