November 29, 2021

The Sanskrit word for fire is ‘agni’ which is also the word used to refer to the digestive system. This highlights the ancient view of the digestive fire, needed to be activated and strong yet not overpowering to entirely destroy. It’s important to keep the digestive fire burning during all seasons but of course as we move into winter, it’s extra helpful to be able to hone the powers of internal warmth.

Yoga offers many asanas that help to generate warmth in the body and invigorate the digestive system which can have a detoxifying effect. Just like a sponge full of water, when we ring it out, the excess is removed and then the sponge is much lighter and freer. This is the effect we can have by twisting through our centre. We squeeze the organs so they can release unwanted fluids and have more space to function properly.

There are also breathing practices that can ignite our inner fire, even when sitting in stillness. A breath practice such as kapalbhati, literally translated as ‘breath of fire’ or a stronger ujaii can heat the body and detoxify the organs by having an effect on the transportation of oxygenated blood. As we know, movement creates heat; we see this when we move our muscles but we can have the same effect when moving the fluid and breath within the body. 

Ella Tighe is going to be taking us through a fiery practice on the 27th December from 9:30am with her Mandala Vinyasa Fire Flow Pop Up! Christmas can often be a time where our body’s become a little more stagnant. Allow Ella to help you get things moving again with deep twists and spirals of the spine. This will be just the reinvigorating practice needing to gently detoxify and reawaken the system. Find out more here.