December 18, 2021

Journaling is a very potent and accessible tool that can be harnessed for personal growth and to achieve our new intentions whilst manifesting change. Often, we are moving through life at a high speed, constantly looking forward towards the next thing. Journaling is a method of taking our foot off the accelerator pedal and tuning in to reflect on what’s been and how we’d like to grow.

As old timers of this practice, we’d love to share with you our top tips for getting the most out of journaling…

  • Before sitting down with pen and paper, ensure whatever space you are in feels as calming and clear as is possible. 
  • Create a comfortable seat for yourself and first just gather and centre (example: put hands on belly and take 3 full breaths) so that you bring your body, mind and spirit all together into the room. All of this should take just 5 or so minutes but a warm-up is always helpful in any exercise.
  • There are many specific journaling notebooks out there these days which can offer lovely prompts to help you to reflect. You may begin with noting what you are grateful for today, a challenge you overcame and/or an experience that triggered you. 
  • Often, something more structured to begin with can lead you toward more free flow in your writing.
  • The main thing is to remember that this is only for you. You will never have to read these words aloud so allow that to assist you in getting deeper. Eventually your words may not even make sense to another, you may wish to write in poetry, draw images, create symbols. You are journaling for you.

By being still and slow within the practice of journaling, we can open up to our ability to be receptive, compassionate and embedded in the journey, as opposed to any ‘goal’. Journaling has no end point and is an expression of our creativity, our unprocessed emotions and can help us to realise that we are our own best listener and advisory.

40-Days: Intend. Commit. Transform incorporates journaling, together with asana, breathwork and meditation to wring out the old stuff so we can start to see the new opportunities constantly surrounding us. Heather will be teaching ways of approaching our journaling practice to acknowledge old patterns and stories that can hold us back from transformation. Find out more here

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