December 23, 2021

Making Intentions Stick…

New Year intentions can sometimes feel daunting and if we make one that seems too far out of reach, it’s quite likely to end sooner than we’d have liked. At Heather Yoga, we believe that the best intentions are ones that truly nourish you on a holistic level.

Here are our 3 Top Tips:

  1. Make It Attainable

Instead of aiming for the top of a mountain, let your new year intention be one of the key steps you know you’ll need to get there. For example, as opposed to saying you will become the next Great British Baker, commit to baking one item each week. This takes commitment and allows you to prioritise manageable goals compared to adding more and more to your plate with other things. Rather than doing it because of a title, doing it because you know it’s soothing for your mind and soul.

  1. Buddy Up 

Find a friend/college/partner/family member who would also take on this new intention to help to keep each other accountable and be the encouragement that the other needs. For example, you and a co-worker deciding to slash your emissions by each driving just once a week (carsharing), one/two days of working from home and the other one/two days being a shared adventure made up of running/walking/cycling depending on the distance (perhaps with a bus/train ride thrown in if necessary).

  1. Treat Yourself

Make markers where you can stop and recognise how well you’ve done in sticking to your new year intention. You can reflect on how it’s affected you and feel gratitude for yourself for maintaining the discipline to do so. You may like to treat yourself to a massage, a dinner out with that friend/college or family film night. Think of something that would feel like a treat to you and pencil it in for the end of a week or month to be enjoyed as a ‘well done me’ treat.

We are offering our 40 Days yoga and coaching experience where new intentions can be set and cemented with the support of Heather. We incorporate all of the above tips to ensure that this nourishing journey is attainable, shared and enjoyed. Sign up now to receive the early bird pricing (until 27th December!) Please use discount code: 40DAYS-EARLYBIRD and book here.