January 11, 2022

Immerse in Winter…

These shorter days encourage us to lean into the nights, a time for softness, steadiness, stillness. We live in a cyclical world and each season impacts the next, we save more energy in the winter and spend more in the summer. Of course, if we don’t save, we have nothing to spend.

3 Tips To Honour The Season:

More Sleep

Is it possible to be in bed earlier? Just 30-60 minutes earlier in bed can have a big impact on the amount of sleep you are getting over a week. It’s not just about getting in bed though, it’s about proper preparation for sleep, so try bringing all of these things forward 30-60 minutes too: finishing eating, stopping caffeine intake, coming off technology. This will aid the natural production of melatonin at night so you can enjoy deep rest.

Eat With The Season

During the wintertime, we want warming foods, grounding foods that make us resilient to the cold, harsher climate. Soups, stews and curries made with warming spices, seasonal vegetables and hearty legumes are a wonderful way of honouring the season and giving your body the opportunity to sync with it.

Less Outward Activities

The festive period is often a time when people get together and sometimes even feel a bit spent afterwards. Ensure you take ample time for yourself to simply be. When we are around others, we can spend a lot of energy talking, thinking, engaging but during this Season of ‘slowness’, we want to conserve our energy for restoring our body and mind. Make less plans with others over the next few weeks and prioritise your restoration.

Allow Deborah to take you through A Winter Flow to reconnect to a place of stillness, align with nature from root level and immerse in some deep self-care. This workshop is taking place on Saturday 22nd January, 4-6pm, available in studio and online. Book here.