January 10, 2022

The masculine aspect of being is consistent and unchanging. This is about being the container, the space holder, the awareness that sits behind it all. The feminine then weaves through this structure with constant motion, the power and force that allows for all change and growth. This is where seasonal yoga is born, from an understanding that the natural world, including us, is in constant motion and therefore requires a different approach at different phases and cycles.

Seasonal Yoga is about accommodating our practice to suit where we are in time and space. Our calendar year helps us to track the broader picture of our yearly cycles and particular days such as the summer/winter solstice and the autumn/spring equinox, bookmarking each season. These moments in time offer us a reason for ritual, as they signal to us where we are at and where we are moving toward. However, it is not just on these single days that we step into another season, but we are constantly moving, at the same speed, through this and toward the next phase.

Yoga recognises each human body as a microcosm of the Universe. Our own being can offer us a deep insight to the 5 elements, the sun and moon, the cyclical rhythm. When we try to go against the natural grain, we often hinder our efforts and can lead to us feeling frustrated and overworked. By gaining a deeper understanding of nature (including us), we can learn more about how to tend to ourselves with consistent yet evolving care.

Every Wednesday evening Deborah Grossman leads our Seasonal Flow class at 5.30pm (both online and in the studio). Book here.

On Saturday 22nd January 4pm-6pm Debs is also running a special Winter Flow workshop to teach us how we can lean into this season and use our energy for self-reflection, meditation and internal work. This workshop will illuminate how best you can care for yourself during the winter season. Click here for more details.