January 19, 2022

The Benefits of Headstand

An inversion is any pose in yoga, where the head is lower than the heart (opposite to when standing) and there are so many benefits to this type of posture. Headstands call for increased strength and flexibility in order to move toward it, which means that you are gaining on many levels at every step of the journey.

Day to day, we are upright with our head at the top, heart underneath and of course legs and feet at the bottom. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s clearly what nature intended (!) but yoga reconnects us with the animal within which moves in all sorts of ways for all sorts of purposes. As our lives have never been more sedentary and physically ‘easy’, it’s important to keep moving and challenging our bodies and yoga teaches us ways we may not have even thought of.

‘Sirsasana’ is a classical posture that has been practiced since ancient times. By reversing the flow of gravity, our skin, bones, muscles, blood and all internal fluids are being drawn in the opposite direction. If practiced regularly, this can have the effect of reducing back pain, flushing out toxins, improving blood circulation and enhancing mood. When challenging ourselves with such a posture, we must leave the ego behind and take a light hearted approach to this ‘playtime’ on the mat. Our adrenals are often overworked and fatigued which can lead to a whole array of undesirable effects on our mood but with headstands, these glands are nourished with refreshed blood and therefore can result in the opposite effects such as better sleep, patience and a deep sense of contentment.

Lucky for us, lovely Lorna will be putting on a headstand workshop at the end of January. If you feel like it’s time for some play, yet with serious results (as mentioned above), then come along for this 90 min session that will explore traditional and tripod headstands to find a style that works best for your body. Absolutely no experience necessary. ‘Invert Your Practice: A Journey To Headstand’- Sunday 30th January 2pm-3.30pm online and in studio. Book here.