January 31, 2022

Anatomy Knowledge Connects Us To Our Bodies

Like anything in life, the more we learn/see/do, the more we realise there is! The anatomy of a human body is the same, you learn about the muscles, bones and connective tissues but then you remember that each body is unique and you’re likely to come across different proportions and connections forever! What may feel great in one body may well aggravate another, and vice versa.

Often when we learn something about the physical form, the easiest way of understanding it is through our own experience. As we find out about the intricacies of, say, the shoulder girdle, we can broaden our understanding of what is happening under the skin as we move from plank through chaturanga dandasana into downward facing dog and potentially make appropriate adjustments that offer a safer transition that allows our body to move in a way that is sustainable. As we continue to practice this on ourselves, we start to feel more confident in offering adjustments for our friends, family or even our students.

Gaining this understanding of our inner workings encourages a positive connection with our own body; we learn how to understand the difference between discomfort and pain, what is opening and what might be overstretching or the line between a healthy challenge and pushing too far. When we have seen visuals, understood explanations and felt within, it’s like a light has been switched on and we are now able to connect much more deeply to our own experience.

Throughout our Teacher Training Course, we dive into the anatomy and physiology of the human body, understanding it as a key building block to becoming a safe and skilful yoga teacher. With a broad understanding, we become capable of leading group classes and with embodied experience, we can creatively provide modifications and adjustments for unique bodies.

If this is something that interests you, we cannot recommend our Yoga Unwrapped© 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Programme. enough. On our 8-month programme, you will be continually learning and embodying the knowledge and practices together with the support of senior yoga teacher Heather, special guest teachers and of course, your fellow trainees.

Doors are now open for April 2022. Find out more here.