January 28, 2022

The Body As One

When we look at an issue in one area of the body, we can deepen our understanding by broadening our outlook. Have you ever been for a massage, physio or osteo appointment because of a pain in a certain area in your body and they start working on a different area? It can seem counterintuitive to begin with but of course it makes perfect sense in the end. A holistic bodyworker sees each person as a collection of systems. If there’s a kink in the chain, it might be presented at a different area to the root cause. Each muscle, joint, tissue, blood vessel, organ all connect and work together to create your physical form. For example, what can appear as a severe pain in the neck could actually be from muscular tension in the shoulder, pressure on a nerve, a blockage of fluid or a whole array of other factors!

Our muscular, skeletal, respiratory and nervous system all play an important part in how we move through life. Yoga is a means of bringing mental and physical patterns into conscious awareness so we can become empowered to understand and perhaps even make changes to our state of being. When you learn more about anatomy and physiology in our Yoga Unwrapped© 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Programme you’ll come to understand how phenomenal and intricate the human body is and be able to apply a wide and varied knowledge to the unique bodies that later down the line, may sign up to your yoga class!

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We would love for you to embark on this life-changing journey with us.