March 7, 2022


Yoga As A Support

Yoga isn’t a ‘quick fix’ solution but it is a long-term practice that helps us to navigate the demands of life, be that mental, physical or emotional. Yoga is a powerful tool of self-regulation but takes time and consistency to notice the deeper long-lasting benefits.

Sometimes we come to yoga due to pain or discomfort such as back problems. This could have been set off years ago when pregnant, making a quick twist in football or from a desk job with insufficient support. Yoga may not be able to cure this issue that you’ve been dealing with over years, but it can deepen your connection to your body, in turn, shining a light on what may be continuing to aggravate it and that which supports and soothes the discomfort.

On the other hand, we often have new physical realisation when we come to yoga, perhaps a tighter right shoulder than left shoulder or a sideways curvature in the spine. There are many imbalances in the human body and although we many first of all want to ‘fix’ this, it often isn’t as big of a problem as we might think. Our bodies are very capable and have probably spent a while creating its own sense of balance within the imbalance. If we have never noticed it before, it’s unlikely that it has caused us much harm and therefore is no urgent matter. With yoga, we can begin to accept current imbalances while encouraging greater balance and ease in the present and future.

Every Monday and Friday at 6.30pm we have yoga class for runners and cyclists, supporting the body through possible tenderness and building it up to prevent injury in the future. Moving the body is a wonderful positive thing but the best way to move it is in as many ways as we can! Yoga will help to balance the repetitive hip motion in cycling and running with some external hip rotation, it’ll balance the folding in the spine with extension and will be a powerful dose of time spent in the parasympathic response – rest and digest mode.

Want to learn more about Injury Management and Yoga Anatomy? Maybe you’d like to invest in an 8-month Yoga Unwrapped© 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Programme which starts this April 22, where we dive deeply into the Biology and Physiology of the human body. There is so much to learn, this is an amazing place to start. Find out our course details and early bird offer here.