April 6, 2022

The colours are emerging, the lambs are being born and there’s a new sense of vitality in the air!

Ayurveda and other ancient healing systems recognise the change of seasons as a strain on the body as our whole being needs to renavigate our centre. When we recognise what is occurring, we’re much better equipped to offer ourselves support.

Living in harmony with nature means that we are to constantly develop. Just like nature, we don’t make huge changes overnight, but we’re in a continuous evolution, slowly but surely making small shifts and adjusting.

At this time in the year, we are moving away from Winter and toward Summer so how can we support ourselves through this transition?

We want to draw on the opposite qualities that are associated with Spring: cold, moist, heavy, dull, static, smooth, dense, oily and soft. These ‘Kapha’ qualities are also associated with a stage of life (childhood) and a time of day (between 6-10am/pm). This insight guides us to helpful practices; we must draw on the opposite qualities of that which is naturally heightened.

Here are some examples of how we can move smoothly through spring include:

🔆 rise early to shed the heavy, dull, dense sensations that can linger
🔆 drink hot ginger and lemon water to purify in the morning
🔆 eat a light, cooked, easy to digest breakfast for ease of digestion
🔆 incorporate the astringent taste to counteract oiliness e.g. beans, cauliflower, turmeric (as they all have a drying effect)
🔆 avoid snacking between meals so your digestion has the time and energy to gently detoxify throughout the day

When we support ourselves to find balance, we have more energy for other pursuits! Our health and wellbeing shouldn’t be all-consuming, rather it should allow us peace of mind.

Learn more from Heather on how to powerfully purify at this time of year to give you that sense of lightness in both body & mind. Emerge, Radiant & Renewed: A Spring Cleanse’ workshop is on Easter Saturday 16th April 10.30am – 1.30pm. Full details here.