May 18, 2022

For too long menopause has been spoken of in whispers only with an air of shame clouding its story. It’s time to speak loud and proud about this change occurring in your body – one of the most natural things for a woman to experience. 

Just as we can celebrate the beginning of a cycle, we can celebrate its end. This signifies the closing of a circle, the gathering of all wisdom collected thus far, the ability to move on into another phase. ‘The triple goddess’ is a term used to refer to the three stages of a woman’s life and the menopause is a signal that you are transitioning from the second phase of the mother into the ‘crone’, also known as the wise woman. 

It has been proven that a sense of purpose is key in our wellbeing so it makes sense that when our role changes it can be unnerving. We know the ins and outs of our past purpose but the road ahead is unknown. Get to know the treasures that await you on this path and re-establish your sense of purpose.

In olden times, the women past reproductive years became community leaders which could these days be interpreted in the family as a caring grandparent or in the community as a charity leader. There is much to celebrate at this time and create a new position for yourself now that the mothering phase (which takes a huge amount of energy!!) is perhaps no longer as time-consuming.

A positive mindset is key to viewing this stage of life with a clear lens. This is a time to share your lessons and experiences with those who could learn from you or lean on your support. You have many answers and those in your family and/or community will be lucky to benefit from your guidance.