December 13, 2022

For my upcoming Yoga & Coaching experience ’40 Days: Intend: Commit, Transform’ this January and February –  I’ve chosen this specific length of time as it’s said we can heal our habits by doing something daily- we break old negative patterns and set in motion & cement new positive ones! ⚡️

In my own practice & studies with my teachers –  I’ve taken many 40 day sadhanas and experienced some powerful insights & shifts on and off the mat, and I’ve witnessed the same in those who stepped into this challenge for the previous round. ✨

A habit is a subconscious chain reaction between the mind, the glandular system and the nervous system. We develop habits throughout our life – with some of them helpful and serving our optimal health, whilst others that are not supportive for our wellbeing!

We can change our habitual behaviour through making a deep commitment and repeating new actions over a period of time –  including mindful approaches to moving, breathing, managing our thoughts, and clearing emotional baggage. 

By taking part in the 40-days of daily of Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation, and the weekly coaching calls – this powerful and inspiring combination will build your vitality, commitment and progress in the experience of these practices, inspire you to experience the joy of going beyond barriers in your own practice and life, and which in turn starts to transform your every day! 

You will not only create and set the habit of a regular practice and reap the benefits of this with a deeper connection to self, more ease and joy –  but it can help rewire the current chain reaction and develop new, ingrained habits that serve you with your what you are working towards and intentions – and set you up for long lasting success! 

Let’s come together, be conscious, intentional & skilful this New Year! 

40 Days: Untend.Commit. Transform. Yoga & Coaching Experience. Early Bird until 28th December – save nearly £50! 🦜  Payment plan available when you book by 17th December.

Heather x