December 29, 2023

New Year, New Perspective

Often at the turn of a new calendar year, many people implement a change in their lives. There is a well-known pattern of gym memberships surging in January, then plummeting by March. While there’s no doubt that signing up to do something healthy for ourselves is always a win regardless of how long it lasts, if we end up seeing this as some kind of ‘failure’ in ourselves then it’s not going to be as beneficial.

As many of us are goal-oriented, we often desire the ‘quickest results’ whether that’s in physical activity, meditation or a new skill. When we are able to take a step back and reframe our thinking to focus on the experience itself, we have the opportunity to enjoy it more and therefore, want to stick with it. It becomes more attainable when we’re not striving for something way ahead in the future.

All we have is now and we make choices each moment. Sometimes it’s the accumulation of little changes, as opposed to one big grand gesture, that really guides us towards a greater sense of health, wellbeing and inner joy.

Start your 2024 by learning more about these small, accessible changes that have the potential to transform. Heather is leading her 40 Days. Intend. Commit. Transform, including many aspects of the yoga practice, supported by group coaching. Across the 40 days, there is a 3 hour live workshop, 4x On Demand yoga classes, weekly coaching, a 2 hour live workshop with consistent access and support via a private Facebook group. 

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