December 29, 2023

Where is your attention? Is it on the things you want to grow? Or are you spending your energy on the things you don’t want to grow?! Listen to me sharing on this.

If we are not aware & awake to ourselves and the moment- we can be feeding the seeds we actually don’t want in our life! When we want to make a change – we might start out with our attention very present on those seeds we wish to see come to fruition – but since most of us spend the majority of our waking hours living in the habits of the past we can find our energy goes there, and thats what we keep growing as and becoming more of. It requires a conscious decision and a clear intention of how we wish to show up in life, and steady consistent effort to keep coming back to the seeds we choose. Through our practice of self reflection & meditation we can see where are attention goes and how those things are manifesting in our life- whether they are the things that are in alignment with the direction we want to move and live in this New Year, or the things that are not a match for our desires and intention.

Let’s dive into this together on 7th January in Power Intention Action workshop, and bring those seeds of intention into fruition with a commitment to daily practice & with weekly life coaching in 40 Days Intend. Commit. Transform.

Heather x