December 29, 2023

Why January For Intention Setting?

January brings with it an air of newness that can, even though it’s the middle of winter, feel motivating and invigorating! We’ve passed the darkest point of the Year at that time and we’re moving back into the light! Often people choose the very end of one calendar Year and the start of another as an opportunity to reflect on what has been and from there, make choices about the trajectory they would like to continue to move in. 

It’s a fresh & potent time to make space for planting your seeds of Intention, and to develop new habits for manifesting change and the vision we hold of ourselves:

  • Who we want to be, 
  • How we want to live,
  • What we’d like to feel for your life this Year ahead & beyond.

It’s common that many of us will choose to make New Year Resolutions and approach this time with discipline & enthusiasm, but that can quickly change! Anyone familiar with that February slump? This can come about because our intentions (aka the ‘resolutions’) are loosely set without real depth, meaning & understanding of ‘our why’  and they miss the energy of success behind them. So we can quickly lose traction, get disheartened, and fall off the wagon back into old habits as our vision fades away into the distance.

The yogic path requires some restraint and commitment, because that is the only way it will work. By consistently getting on your mat every day, you are exercising discipline, and repeating & reaffirming a behaviour and pattern. Some days you may meditate, others you may flow and on other days you may curl up in child’s pose and stay. All of this contributes toward a powerful, nourishing and embodied practice that slowly guides you back toward your truest self. This is the kind of intention that we see as sustainable and truly supportive. 

With a deeper connection to self, comes more ease and joy – and this has a ripple effect to how you show up for life – affecting your thoughts, words and actions which come into alignment and serve you with your intentions and experiencing positive changes. 

Through 40 Days: Intend. Commit. Transform– a powerful mixture of Yoga Workshops, Daily On Demand Yoga Practices & Weekly Coaching Sessions with Heather – we’ll explore a whole selection of accessible and transformative Yoga techniques and holistic tools that will nurture our new intentions and help us to powerfully step into 2024 with clarity, magnitude & steadiness for long lasting transformation.
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