January 29, 2024

What is Womb Yoga?

This feminine approach to yoga is an honouring of the womb (or womb space) as the creative centre of our being. Many ancient traditions understand the energetic force held here in the lower abdomen. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Dantien is known as a ‘sea of qi’, drawing a parallel to both this area as a centre of life force and also its watery, fluid qualities which are associated with the feminine. The yogic chakra system (or at least one of them!) speaks to Svadhistana Chakra which is the seat of joy, sexuality and creativity. When this chakra is in balance we can engage with these qualities of pleasure… without guilt!

Uma Dinsore-Tuli has been the pioneer of this work and explains that Womb Yoga is not limited to those with a womb / those that menstruate / those that (have) birth(ed) but is open to all that want to connect more deeply with the experience of being a woman, throughout the various stages of life.

Having said that, womb yoga can of course be particularly beneficial for those looking to become pregnant in the future or those who are currently growing their life there. An ability to connect deeply with this intimate area of our bodies is a powerful act of self care, self study and ultimately, self love.

I am so excited to share Womb Yoga with you under the new moon – a time where traditionally women gathered to share wisdom. You can expect Womb Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Journaling Practice, Intention Setting and a Sharing Circle. On this Mother’s Day, come together with women of all ages and stages to devote time and energy to the Great Mother who can be felt within, through the portal of the womb – Jai Ma!

Thank you,
Ella x

⭐Jai Ma: Gratitude To The Mother
⭐Sunday 10th March l 11am-1pm
⭐Ella Mooney
⭐PRICE: £30
⭐EARLY BIRD: £25 available until 16th Feb
Book here: https://www.heatheryoga.co.uk/workshops/