February 14, 2024

How to include some self love into your yoga!

Today is the perfect reminder to cultivate loving-kindness towards yourself. 

The practice of metta, also known as loving-kindness meditation, is a fundamental aspect of many contemplative traditions. In the context of yoga, integrating metta into your practice involves cultivating an attitude of compassion, acceptance, and goodwill towards yourself and others.

During a metta practice in yoga, practitioners often incorporate specific phrases or intentions that express wishes for happiness, peace, and well-being. These phrases are typically directed towards oneself, loved ones, neutral individuals, difficult people, and ultimately towards all beings.

Ofcourse this isn’t always easy, but showing yourself compassion, acceptance and space with this practice. And through practice, you may be able to start to foster a deeper sense of self-love and connection to yourself. 

Take a moment (not just today on this day of love, but everyday) to nourish your soul and spread positivity on and off the mat. 

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