February 19, 2024

I am a Yoga and Meditation teacher specialising in restful relaxation practices to support your mental health. I teach Hatha, Restorative, Yin, Slow Flow & Healing Yoga. Yoga has always been a big part of my life. This stems largely from my background and the culture I have grown-up with. Being from a South-Indian and Indonesian background has provided me with a deeper understanding of Yoga and Ayurvedic practices. 

I love Yoga because it has helped me find a way back to myself when I was completely lost – both physically and emotionally. I used Yoga & Meditation to heal from a painful childhood and I am keen to share some of these very simple, yet profound practices with my students.

My classes are gentle, meditative, and relaxing with an increased focus on mental health. My intention is to provide you the space to nurture yourself as you breathe, strengthen, and stretch your body and mind. I don’t take myself or life too seriously – and this is reflected in my classes. Expect to find peace whilst also having a giggle.

⭐Cosy Restorative Yoga for Anxiety Relief
⭐Saturday 24th February
⭐4-6pm with Tash @tashsekaryoga
⭐Studio only

Join Tash: https://www.heatheryoga.co.uk/workshops/