March 7, 2024

Let’s get introspective with journalling to know ourselves more!

Listen to me sharing about journalling and why it’s such a powerful personal practice for self inquiry, growth & transformation. ✨⚡️

If you want to gain insight and clarity into the mind, and understand yourself on a much deeper level, and shift the way you think, feel, speak and act- start taking pen to paper!

Journalling is a key practice featured in my upcoming ‘Living Yoga: Connecting With Yourself’ course.

🔆‘Living Yoga: Connecting With Yourself’ is a live online programme at Heather Yoga, which can be taken as a great dip of the toe into some yoga philosophy as well a continuation of what you might have already explored.

We begin our 6 week exploration on Saturday 23rd March 10:30am and run through until Saturday 27th April.

Find out more here.

Heather x