March 14, 2024

Here is a snippet from Alis’s inviting meditation experience. Join Alis for a liberating journey of self-discovery and empowerment and immerse yourself in a Pleasure Dreamland!

🌸 Sensual Babe: Dive into a harmonious blend of gentle yoga and fluid movement, curated to help you reconnect with your body and embrace your unique sensuality. Led by Alis, this session encourages you to move in a soft, sensual, and playful manner, drawing inspiration from the projections, colours, and music.

🌿 Multi-Sensory Meditation: Experience an (optionally) blindfolded journey through taste, touch, smell, and sound, designed to awaken and enliven your senses in a deeply introspective way.

💖 Pleasure Promise: Leave with a written commitment to yourself to seek more romance, pleasure, and joy in your life! Let go of shame, embrace your unique body, and celebrate yourself! With an opportunity to share & connect with others.

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🤎Sensual Babe Immersion: The Pleasure Promise
🤎Saturday 20th April
🤎7 – 9.30pm
🤎Studio Only
🤎EARLY BIRD available until 15th March

Alis also teaches Slow Down Sundays 5.45pm.

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