March 15, 2024

Here in the northern hemisphere we have arrived at the spring equinox, a time of renewal as the sun grows stronger and the earth springs back into life. It is a time of balance between the darkness and the light, both in a physical sense, seen in the balance of day and night but this also can be explored through a balance of the conscious and unconscious mind and our inner and outer worlds.

Winter is a time for incubation, gathering our resources and turning inwards, and now with the arrival of spring we can truly begin our re-emergence. 

Everything is coming alive, nature herself is giving the nod that we too must begin to push our way through the soil and grow fiercely. During Imbolc, the first cross quarter festival celebrated at the start of February, we start laying our seeds, our ideas and plans, and during Ostara (the spring equinox) we can start to watch them germinate. 

What have you been incubating over the winter? What is ready to grow and what needs longer?

It’s easy to get excited and leap into “doing” too soon, with the first hints of blue skies we tend to forget ourselves and rush forward. February and March have been wet, with thick layers of fog trying to keep us rested. For me the rain has felt like a deep cleansing, a washing away all the stagnation that may have built over the winter.

We can’t force nature, it moves through its own cycles. A constant process of contraction and expansion, death and rebirth, and we too move through our own cycles, our bodies an expression of nature and the universe. It’s important to eliminate force when allowing our plans to blossom and replacing it with flow. 

Here are some simple ways in which you can celebrate the equinox:

  • Get outside! Notice the changes and all the new life that is unfurling
  • Have a “spring clean”. I like to open my windows wide and really let the day in whilst I remove unnecessary clutter. Tidy with intent! 
  • Meditate and journal on how this time of the year feels for you.
  • Paint eggs. The egg is a potent symbol for Ostara, representing renewal and fertility of the land. Vegan? No problem, there are many other options available, including plain wooden eggs that you can purchase from craft stores.

Kylie Darling x 

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