Asana Deconstruction & Skilful Teaching

8 Hour CPD For Yoga Teachers & Trainees

Saturday 13th April | 9:30am – 6:30pm

Held at our Yoga Centre in Saltaire, West Yorkshire.

Ideal for teachers and teacher trainees looking to refine and evolve their yoga teaching skills.

When we first dip our toes into the world of yoga asanas, we often see asanas as absolute shapes, that are there to be replicated and ultimately conquered. When we teach, sometimes elements of this may continue, and we ask students to work towards asanas for asana’s sake. This training is all about moving beyond imitation and exploring how we can encourage students to begin to build skill in their asana practice, and start questions like; what is the intention of the pose? What is being opened and what strengthened? Is this actually beneficial for my body? Am I being distracted by a desire to achieve a dramatic shape?

From both the perspective of teachers and students, in this series of workshops, we will explore

  • Deconstructing ‘peak poses’ and how to prepare the body for their practice, the intention behind pose families and common habits that can be potentially injurious
  • How to deepen our physical practice in a controlled safe and sustainable way
  • How to apply alignment principles to unique bodies
  • How to balance flexibility and strength, whilst dropping desire for ‘dramatic’ shapes!
  • How to teach advanced poses and offer options for all levels
  • Discover how asanas, their variations and how you cue them, can be best utilised in your chosen direction of travel

Information for the day of studying:

There will be an hour lunch break at 12:30pm. Dandelion Cafe is open on site if you would like to order food there or bring your own (we operate a plant based only policy so please respect that if you bring consumables to the yoga centre.) There’s also plenty of cafes, takeaways and mini supermarkets in the local Saltaire & Shipley area for purchasing food. 

Our Yoga centre is based on the edge of the beautiful World Heritage site of Saltaire  with great transport links via road and train to main cities including Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, York, and other parts of the UK.  We are 5 minutes walk from Saltaire Train station and Shipley train station which are both on the Skipton to Leeds line – only a 12 mins journey to Leeds city centre for major connections. 

About The Teacher

Adam Husler

Adam Husler has taught his unique style of non-dogmatic yoga in over 60 locations across 20 countries, fulled by a fascination with anatomy and a desire to ask ‘why?’. He is involved in world class teacher training programmes, writes for Yoga Journal and hosts the Honestly Unbalanced podcast.

The Cost 

  • Full Price £155
  • Early Bird £135 available until 28th Feb

If you have any form of injury or serious illness, or if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby please do inform us before booking.


Refining Our Vinyasa Practice & Asking Why?

Sunday 14th April | 9:30am – 12noon

We may have gone to hundreds of vinyasa classes, but in these 75 minute affairs, slotted precariously into high energy weeks, we move from asana to asana without having time to truly; explore the pose, understand the pose, take it deeper or acknowledge the sensations of the body.

Through this workshop you will;

  • Consider key anatomical principles and how they apply to your asana practice
  • Ask why you do what you do and question habitual patterns.
  • Explore the alignment, anatomy and intention of common postures, potentially feeling them in entirely new places. Those ‘easy’ posers can get harder as you explore the nuances!  -Discover progression routes for the things we might not have the chance to explore in a normal class. This may include float backs, handstands, arm balances.
  • Learn to become more engaged, attentive, integrated and focused in our asanas.
  • Have an opportunity to ask questions throughout and take away of considerations and understandings to bring to your regular practice or your yoga teaching.

Your downward dog might never be the same!  Though an overarching structure is always there, this workshop varies significantly depending on the students present in the room on that day. This workshop is suitable for all levels of practice and will not involve a vinyasa flow practice.

The Cost 

  • £35 or
  • Book with ‘Happy Feet & Balanced Roots’ and join both for £60! – Choose the package option at checkout!

If you have any form of injury or serious illness, or if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby please do inform us before booking.


Happy feet and Balanced Roots

Sunday 14th April | 1 – 3:30pm

We spend lots of time walking around in comfortable, chunky trainers on artificially flat surfaces, meaning many of the muscles in our feet never get the chance to wake up and be used! Most of our shoes constrain our feet in some way, with 77% of Americans report suffering from painful, debilitating foot conditions. In a yoga class, we’ve shed our shoes, but our attention normal goes to the more ‘obvious’ parts of the body. We simply, often don’t give feet the attention they deserve.

In this workshop we will:

  • Build a strong, yet flexible, foundation for our whole body
  • Move toes, feet, and ankles in every imaginable way and understand how that relates to vinyasa yoga
  • Explore the awareness and engagement required when balancing on one leg and shifting centre of gravity
  • Move through mobility exercises designed to wake up our feet and lower body.
  • Have an understanding of our feet, with exercises we can apply to our daily lives.

This workshop is for anyone with a regular practice and options will be given. Anyone who wares shoes, will benefit from the workshop!

The Cost 

  • £35 or
  • Book with ‘Refining Our Vinyasa Practice & Asking Why?’ and join both for £60! – Choose the package option at checkout!

If you have any form of injury or serious illness, or if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby please do inform us before booking.