Autumn Reset Retreat Day

Held at our Yoga Centre in Saltaire, West Yorkshire.

Sunday 8th October | 9:30am – 3:30pm

With Heather Gregg

Yoga – Healing Breaths – Meditation – Relaxation – Self Inquiry – Yogic Lifestyle – Ayurvedic Vegan Food.

This day retreat has a holistic and integrative approach that honours the healing and transformational potential within yoga.    An opportunity to practice a combination of alignment-based Vinyasa Yoga, Kundalini Yoga Kriya (sequences designed to bring about a certain energetic effect), healing breath, Mantra, heart centered Meditations, Relaxation, Contemplation, living your yoga, and delicious nourishing Ayurvedic inspired vegan food.    This integration of techniques is impactful, effective, and practical (and fun!) to strengthen your body, release stagnation, transform your energy, raise your frequency, connect to your heart, and cut through the negative tendency of the mind – leaving you cleansed, rejuvenated and inspired for your yoga practice, your health, your lifestyle and what you desire to move forwards within the coming months.    

The retreat will meet you wherever you’re at in your yoga and provide you this fantastic studio only opportunity to refine & refresh areas of the practice, and a space to explore & learn new yogic techniques for working on the different layers of yourself – the physical, energetic, mental, and emotional – on and off the yoga mat to bring about balanced, present, and radiant integrated state.   

In the morning we’ll get into a Vinyasa Yoga to open & strengthen your whole body, tweak and hone your alignment, and receive hands-on assists.  This will prepare us for moving into a powerful Kundalini yoga kriya set to work on the subtle body, shift stagnation and transform energy, and bring about lightness and radiance to your being.  The sequence of postures, prana-building breath, and mantra to awaken energy at your navel and then activate the heart.    

After deep relaxation we’ll also include a series of Meditations for the heart to further refine energy, build focus and awaken intuition. It focusses on dissolving negativity and manifesting the qualities you most desire for your happiness and growth.   

Lunch will be a beautiful wholesome vegan food informed by the wisdom of Ayurvedic – perfect for nourishing you after the morning of practices and in alignment with the energy of the Autumn season.   

The afternoon will include relaxation techniques to release stress and create a deep sense of wellbeing & calm, a blissful guided Yoga Nidra, discussion on yogic lifestyle and diet for balance for this time of year, journaling prompts for what you are intending & opening to, and heart opening hot cacao & sweet snacks.   

Join Me For A Day To Come Home to Yourself.

About The Teacher

Heather Gregg

Heather is Founder & Director of Heather Yoga (a physical & online studio and school based in Saltaire, West Yorkshire which she built over 9 Years ago) and a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher and Certified Transformational Life Coach.
Heather has taught for over 12 Years in the UK & India as a dedicated yoga educator, teacher trainer and mentor – and in that time ( including throughout the COVID-19 pandemic) built & scaled her successful yoga studio, business and grown a loyal community – with a multitude of offerings including daily classes, workshops, retreats, and leading her own yoga teacher training and teacher mentorship group and 121 programmes.


⭐Asanas (postures) especially twists, side bends, core work and backbends that work on assisting the body’s natural cleansing including the digestive system.

⭐Breathing Techniques (Pranayama) – specific ones that clear stagnant energy and assist with purifying, energising & balancing our systems.

⭐Kriya’s (Cleansing Techniques) different types will be introduced.

⭐Yogic lifestyle including Heather sharing her daily wellness ritual (Dinacharya from Ayurveda- the sister science of Yoga) – with tools & tips and how to set up one for yourself.  including tongue scraping, nose (neti) cleaning, and abhyanga (warm oil massage) which you can adopt for self-care routines to enhance your vitality on and off the mat!

⭐Reflection and Contemplation for your Personal Development to take inventory of where you are and how you want to be showing up for this latter part of 2023 & beyond.

⭐We will finish the session with a deeply restful yoga nidra (yogic sleep) and meditation for a full integration of all you have received.

Expect to leave feeling lighter, brighter, stronger and full of vitality – reinvigorated and bursting full with inspiration & understanding of how to stay well in body and mind in Autumn and the months ahead.

This is also available in 40 Days: Autumn Immunity & Vitality Boost Programme.

The Cost & Booking Info

  • Investment: £80

If you have any form of injury or serious illness, or if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby please do inform us before booking.