A 5 Week Series To Experience The Next Stage Of Your Practice

Held at our Yoga Centre in Saltaire, West Yorkshire.

Wednesday 2nd November – 30th November

This studio-only based series of 5 practices plus additional coaching will help you move beyond the basics and fundamentals which you are already adept in, and instead give you the opportunity to experience where you go next in your asana practice!

Each session will provide similarities of that within a Level 2 Yoga class, alongside workshop style posture breakdown and technique work – offering you a full practice experience with individual verbal assistance and hands on adjustments to understand, refine and upgrade your practice. Add flavour to your flow, and grow your repertoire on the yoga mat with new poses, tackle some posture variations, and add in next-level techniques in standing balance, backbends & arm balances, work on binds and twists, and integrate handstand & forearm balance work into your sequence. Now is the time to find out where your practice can go from here.

This is for you if…

  • You’ve found yourself stuck in a yoga rut feeling a bit stuck, stagnant and rusty with your practice and need some direction and clarity on reigniting it and moving forwards??
  • You’re feeling ready for a stronger challenging flow?
  • What once felt unsteady and challenging in your practice is now feeling more solid and familiar?
  • You have been practicing for a long time but there’s been some breaks in your momentum and you’re struggling to recommit?
  • You’d like to keep developing & improving your strength, balance and flexibility?
  • You’re thinking about attending a level 2 class but not sure if you’re there yet?
  • You’re ready to be in studio with a teacher for guidance with making the minor changes, updates, and upgrades that will make your Vinyasa yoga practice a sustainable, transformative practice for decades to come.
  • You are already practicing Level 2 but unsure if you’re working safely, effectively and skillfully in your practice and choosing the best options for your body?
  • You’re craving some new tools & techniques for inspiration in your own practice and also if you are teaching?
  • You feel ready for a personal challenge and do things a little different?!

Join Expander!

You’ll receive weekly-led studio only yoga practices across the 5 weeks, plus additional group coaching time with Heather midway through and towards the end via Zoom. The 5 x 90 minute practices are expertly designed as a comprehensive method to help you move your flow forward. This is all about discovering what inspires you and keeps you consistent and evolving.

  • Practice in person with Heather for 5 weekly studio sessions under her watchful eye, care & expert instruction.
  • Receive 121 attention & guidance within the group environment, as well as tailored feedback to skilfully refine your body and breath alignment.
  • Learn from effective verbal & hands on assistance (optional)
  • Get essential support with some key areas you’ll focus on throughout the series
  • Shift from where you currently are and upgrade your practice to the next stage!

In addition to being supported by Heather and connecting with the other members in the weekly practice sessions of this private series – you’ll receive group coaching sessions that will provide a invaluable opportunity for setting intentions and staying accountable to these, troubleshoot challenges & obstacles you’re facing, acknowledging & celebrating breakthroughs, and learning from one another’s shared experiences.

On booking you’ll be required to fill out an Insight Form before we get going to share with Heather where you’re currently at in your Yoga practice, any issues and struggles you’re experiencing, and the specific areas you’d like us to focus on in this time working together. From this we’ll set some powerful intentions which we’ll revisit as we move & progress throughout the 5 weeks.

Group Practice Dates:

2nd, 9th, 16th ,23rd & 30th November 6:45 – 8:15pm

Group Coaching Dates: 

Friday 4th November 6 – 7pm

Thursday 24th November 6 – 7pm


Spots are super limited! Book now to join Heather for this practice upgrade!